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Springtime Craft Activity - Handmade Daffodils

Happy April!

While we're busy creating our workshop programme, we thought we'd share a simple spring activity that you can do at home. We did this with our two year old, but you can adapt it for any age, using any materials you have lying around. These bright daffodils make great easter gifts for grandparents!

Materials used:

- Scissors (supervise small hands!)

- Green pipe cleaners

- Green lolly sticks

- Green Paper Scraps

- Felt tip pens

- PVA glue

- Sellotape

- Variety of yellow & orange paper/card

You can use whatever you can find at home - paints, pencils, crayons, tissue, sweet wrappers, cardboard recycling etc. Have a rummage and get creative as a family!


Step 1

Cut out some card flower shapes.

While you cut these out, let your child go wild with some pens on a piece of yellow paper. Talk about the different shades and other flowers or objects that are the same colour.

Step 2

Trace around your cardboard flower shape onto the back of your childs drawing. We made two daffodils, so drew two outlines for each flower.

You can either supervise your child cutting these, or let them bend the cardboard flower petals while you do it.

Step 3

Help your child to mix together some PVA glue with a little splash of water. Once it's all mixed, put some glue in the centre of the cardboard flower shapes.

Next, stick the two paper flower shapes on top - these don't need to line up and can be creased and crumpled!

Step 4

Cut some long strips from orange coloured card, tissue paper, fabric or painted paper scraps - it's good to use a mixture of textures to give your flower some dimension. Talk about how these textures feel, are they soft, bumpy, crackly, smooth?

Roll up the strips to form the centre of the daffodil (this part is actually called a corona or trumpet)! It's good to start with the more sturdy materials like the corrugated cardboard we've used here, then wrap the lighter materials around it to give a floaty floral effect.

Use PVA glue to secure these in place.

Step 5

Cut some leaf shapes out of paper scraps. I used a rough watercolour test sheet but you could use felt or magazine cuttings. Use a felt tip to add detail to the leaves if you like!

Next, wrap the pipe cleaner around the lolly stick to make a stem.

Please note, our two year old got bored by this point and wanted snacks instead! You can simplify this activity to make it easier for short attention spans or come back to it later.

Step 6

Join the stick to the back of your daffodil using sellotape, and weave the leaves into the pipe cleaner.

And here's the finished masterpiece!


Dig out some materials and give it a go! We really hope you enjoy getting creative and don't forget to tag us in any photos so that we can share them. We love seeing your makes!

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