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We bring creativity and nature to urban communities


Wild City is a small family run business by married team, Beth & Jordan. Driven by a shared love of art, nature and the outdoors, we aim to enhance the creative scene across West Sussex and Hampshire through workshops, events and community projects.

Wild City is a portable business tree with many branches! We offer a range of engaging play-based art workshops inspired by the natural world, and love hosting local events including markets and exhibitions. We also offer freelance design services, community projects, and run our online shop.



a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms

We as people, have an innate connection to nature, and Wild City is about exploring that relationship, to enhance wellbeing, build creative confidence and promote community spirit. We know that spending time in nature, interacting with it, learning about it and caring for it is good for us, for our minds and for our souls.

Our Story

We believe in seeing the beauty of the weeds, practicing the art of noticing, slowing down, trying new things (because why not!), enjoying the process and learning to LIVE in a mindful way.

Wild City is very much an extension of two selves, a real passion project that started as a seedling and is growing at a careful, sustainable pace. It's about cultivating a lasting, mindful future, not speed driven growth.


It all began in late 2020 as we were preparing to move from the countryside to the city for work. We had a toddler and a newborn at the time, so were full of sleep deprived crazy ideas! Bethia had recently finished her MA which she focused on the impact of nature on wellbeing through art, illustration and interior design. This is where the shell of the business began. We wanted to create something to pour our interests into, that would have a positive impact, and encourage people to step off the spinning wheels of life, slow down and relearn the art of play. We wanted to plant seeds, inspire imagination and deliver workshops that are down to earth, free of boundaries, and provide an interactive space where everyone can make something unique, to be proud of. Since then, we have got to work on some incredible projects, host our own events, run many sold out workshops and share our vision with hundreds of people.


We spend as much time as we can exploring the wild and collecting inspiration with our two small children - taking pictures and finding treasure as we go. Follow us on social media to keep up with our adventure scrapbook!

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Meet The Team


Bethia Bridges

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Beth is an experienced designer and workshop leader with over ten years multi-industry experience, specialist skills in visual communication and technical skills including pattern design, book making, illustration and print. 


Growing up at the base of the South Downs, she has an inbuilt connection to nature that strongly influences her artwork and workshop themes. She is passionate about the relationship between nature, creativity and wellbeing, which became the focus of her professional & academic practice.


Jordan Bridges

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Jordan helps with the planning and development of workshops & events, communication, networking and organisation. His positivity, passion for the environment and love of adventure are at the core of Wild City, along with creative idea's, hard graft and endless energy!


Day to day, he is a Business Development Manager with over ten years experience in high level management & operations across various sectors.​

Our Values

  • We believe in promoting positive mental health & wellbeing through biophilic principles.

  • We believe in taking an innovative approach by being open minded, embracing change and constantly learning in order to grow.


  • We believe in our local community, culture and history


  • We believe in the diversity of our planet - that anyone of any age, race, religion, sexuality or background is valuable, important and included.


  • We believe in imagination and making things for the sake of making things. We aim to encourage confidence through creativity and artistic expression.


  • We believe in inspiring humanity to look between the cracks in the concrete and recognise the magic of nature in our cities.


  • We believe in education, in listening, and in teaching where to look but not what to see. We all have something to teach and we all have something to learn.


  • We believe that you are at the heart of our values and why Wild City exists. We want to champion our local people, creative small businesses and the wider community.

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