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Wild City Values & Beliefs

We believe in promoting positive mental health & wellbeing through biophilic principles.

We believe in taking an innovative approach by being open minded, embracing change and constantly learning in order to grow.

We believe in our local community, culture and history; the people that call Portsmouth home, the people that are growing up here and the people who have lived here a lifetime.

We believe in the diversity of our planet - that anyone of any age, race, religion, sexuality or background is valuable, important and included.

We believe in imagination and making things for the sake of making things. We aim to encourage confidence through creativity and artistic expression.

We believe in inspiring humanity to look between the cracks in the concrete and recognise the magic of nature in our cities.

We believe in education, in listening, and in teaching where to look but not what to see. We all have something to teach and we all have something to learn.

We believe that you are at the heart of our values and why Wild City Portsmouth exists. We strive to champion our local creatives, small businesses and build creative confidence within the wider community.


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